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X-rays, also known as radiographic images, are essential when it comes to dental care. They are diagnostic, but can also be preventative. X-rays help dentists see any future problems that may occur or current problems that need to be taken care of!

What is an X-Ray?

An X-Ray is a type of energy that passes through the soft tissues in your mouth and is absorbed by the dense tissue. Because bones and teeth are so dense, they show up on the images!

Types of X-Rays

They are divided into two different categories, intraoral and extraoral. Extraoral X-rays are taken outside of the mouth while intraoral X-rays are taken inside of the mouth. Intraoral Images are much more common when it comes to dentistry. It allows dentists to:

-Find cavities
-Check the health of bone around teeth
-Determine if periodontal disease is an oral care issue
-Look at tooth roots
-Understand status of emerging teeth

A full series of x-rays are recommended about every 6 months for your check-up. A panoramic image is recommended about every 3 years. If you do have any type of pain or discomfort on a particular tooth, your dentist may take one x-ray on that area to get a better look at what's going on.